Bramble Butterfoot, Halfling Ranger Level 1

Bramble Butterfoot, Halfling Ranger Level 1
Hit Points: 18/18 Body Points: 20/20 Experience Points: 5 Experience Base: 28
Stats STR 10; DEX 15(+2); MIND 13(+1); CHA 10
Saves FORT +3; REFLEX +5; WILL+3 PRESENCE +2 (+4 to save vs magical effects)
Armor Class 15; Shortbow +6 to hit, 1d6+3; Dagger +2 to hit, 1d4+1
Rangers are expert at wilderness tracking and survival and good at moving quietly and hiding in cover in the wilderness.
Current Money: 2gp

Calix, Human Cleric Level 1

Calix, Human Cleric Level 1
Alignment: Neutral Scoundrel Hit Points: 16/16 Body Points: 20/20 Experience Points: 5 Experience Base: 20
Stats STR 10; DEX 18 (+3); MIND 17 (+2); CHA 16 (+2)
Saves FORT +3; REFLEX +5; WILL +5; PRESENCE +4
Armor Class 16; Light Mace +1 to hit 1d6 dmg
Can cast divine spells and have the Turn Undead and
Smite special Abilities.
Current Money: 5 gp

Sarhan Soth, Gnome Thief Level 1

Sarhan Soth, Gnome Thief Level 1
Alignment: Neutral Trickster Hit Points: 16/16 Body Points: 20/20 Experience Points: 5 Experience Base: 24
Stats STR 10; DEX 14 (+1); MIND 11; CHA 9
Saves FORT +3 REFLEX +6 WILL +3 PRESENCE +3; +4 to save vs poison
Armor Class 13; Dagger +1 to hit, 1d4+1
They have the Sneak Attack special ability, which adds the Thief's class level to the damage of his first attack, if he successfully sneaks up on a foe. Thieves are experts at urban
survival as well as picking pockets, hiding, sneaking, and other
tasks associated with theft.
Current Money: 5gp

Rathman, Elf Magic-User Level 1

Rathman, Elf Magic-User Level 1
Hit Points: 22/22 Body Points: 20/20 Experience Points: 5 Experience Base: 37
Stats: STR 16 (+2); DEX 8; MIND 16 (+2); CHA 8
Saves: FORT +3; REFLEX +1; WILL +5; PRESENCE +1
Armor Class 10; Dagger +3 to hit, 1d4+2 dmg
Spellbook: Read Magic, Sleep, Feather Fall, Hold Portal, Identify.
Current Money: 5gp

Gault, Human Fighter 1

Gault, Human Fighter Level 1

Alignment: Guardedly Neutral. Hit Points: 24/24 Body Points: 20/20 Experience Points: 5 Experience Base: 20
Stats: STR 16 (+2); DEX 13 (+1); MIND 11; CHA 13 (+1)

Saves: FORT +8; REFLEX +5 WILL +4; PRESENCE +5

Armor Class 15 (heavy shield, leather armor, dex bonus); Throwing Axe +3 to hit, 1d6+1 dmg; Spear +4 to hit, 1d6+3 dmg

Current Money: 5gp

Monday, December 26, 2011

A Call to Arms

OOC: I hope everyone had a most excellent holiday. I certainly did, as busy as it was. Back to it now. 

IC: The Lord Warden Markelhay furrows his brow at the news of slaughtered halflings, so close to Fallcrest. 

"This is a foul day indeed," he says. 

The rumors of gnoll attacks spread around the tavern swiftly. The good folk of Fallcrest are fearful now, and there are calls for action. 

"Something must be done! These monsters cannot be allowed to freely roam our lands."

"Surely, some demon is spurring them on! They have never been so brash as they are now."

"And organized too! Goblins used to attack in hordes, and now they launch themselves into our city?"

As the talk grows louder and the people of Fallcrest more and more worked up, the Lord Warden excuses himself for a moment. Many people have returned to the Market Square now, for news, for safety in numbers, to console their grieving friends. 

Markelhay steps up onto the stage that had so recently been showcasing Fallcrest's talented musicians. 

"People of Fallcrest," he says, immediately commanding the attention of the crowd, "we are under attack. This is the third direct assault on our township by goblins in as many months. There are reports of gnoll attacks just north of here. We must drive these creatures back to the hell from whence they came!"

Cheers go up at the show of bravado. 

"We cannot leave our walls unprotected, however. Long ago, a small group of heroic individuals, from many different walks of life, came together in the face of monstrous aggression such as this, and won for the peaceful folk of the Nentir Vale a peace that lasted generations," the Lord Warden said, invoking a local legend of the end of the Horde War. 

"Some force is spurring these creatures to ever more brazen attacks. We must root it out and destroy it. We need brave souls, now more than ever, to enter the belly of the beast and root out the evil there. Who among you is brave enough? Strong enough? Smart enough? Step forward! Now is the time for heroes, more than ever!"

The crowd falls silent, and the people look around at each other. They have families, farms, businesses. They are scared. Surely, someone else will do this dirty work, right? 


  1. OOC: I just got back a couple hours ago from visiting family over the holiday and am taking the rest of the afternoon to rest.

    I'll make a post bright and early tomorrow morning, if that's alright with everyone. :)

  2. No worries, Joe. We've been averaging about a week per post here, and I know the holidays are a hectic time for everyone, myself included. Take your time.

  3. Calix hesitates, wanting to join the majority and let others volunteer their services on what seemed a suicide mission. Then he recalled Father Quinlaven's dire vision.

    If he did not step forward, then who might? Running was easy, he'd proved that in the past, but holding true to your convictions and standing firm against a grave threat...that was far harder. And he couldn't see himself running forever.

    Nervously stepping forward, Calix raised his hand. "This band, no matter how large or small, will need the Gods' blessing to succeed. I would be, I would be humbly honored, to offer my services to them. To the whole of Fallcrest, for that matter. I am no arcane mage or sturdy warrior, but I cannot watch what has been created be undone by these foul savage beasts."

  4. Bramble stood as tall as he could when he proclaimed, "I too will join this endeavor, as it is I who brought the news of the Gnolls attacking in the North. I only wish to find my tribesmen and rid these lands of their ilk."

    With that he gave a cursory nod to Calix, as if implying he was glad to be with him on this.

    He turned, sat, and removed the ferret from its perch upon his neck. He began petting it gently before producing a small morsel from his pocket to feed it to the temperamental animal.

  5. Gault's blood had begun to rise as soon as the talk in the tavern began.

    Then finding himself out in the square later, he could feel the heat rising into his face. His voice rang out a little too loudly in ears as he joined in "Yes! We will take the fight to them. We will drive them from the vale!"

    Trying to restrain himself, the young guardsman is ready to rush off then and there but coolly realizes he had never yet learned where the halfling's caravan had lain.

  6. Sarhan considers the task as he watches as the cleric and some young bucks volunteer. With peace returned to the land, trade and his business will return. The other townsfolk around him look past him for more of their saviors. "The fools won't even stand up for themselves. They'll send these men off to die on their behalf..." he thinks, "If the wife doesn't kill me, the gnolls might..."

    Sarhan steps forward. "I am just a small gnome, but I am also a small target," he grins before continuing, "If I am willing to embark on this task, surely more of you will.

  7. ::ooc Scrap, but I've been absent for a bit. sorry about that

    Rath looks at the others, then steps forward. "Count me in. I'm not sure how much I'll be of help, but I'll do what I can. I'd rather take the fight to them than have them take it to us a second time."