How to Play

I've stolen some of this from MilwaukeeJoe's Grind4E play-by-blog. Thanks Joe!

How to play in a play-by-blog format:
  1. I'll begin by posting a description of what is happening at any given time for a particular scene. I will maintain PC stats (hit points, etc) in the Player Characters tab
  2. After I post, you can then respond using the comments. Tell me what you're doing, what you're character is saying, and even feel free to delve into your character's thoughts. Be sure to check the PCs tab; you're responsible for keeping an eye on your health! 
  3. I may respond to your post with a comment of my own, giving you feedback.
  4. At a certain point, I will post a fresh new main article. You then post your comment to the current article, NEVER to the old ones.
Writing Style:
  1. Write from a third-person perspective, present tense. Example: Salah says, "Asps. Very Dangerous. You go first," and he nudges Indy to proceed into the chamber. Note: I may break this format in my own posts by referring to "you".
  2. Private questions can be sent to my email address. 
  3. For "out of character" (OOC) chatter, write a comment in the OOC tab

Actions, Dice Rolling and Battle:

  • The most common reason to roll dice will invariably by to make an attack roll. When your character does make an attack, use the RPGLibrary's Secure Dice Roller for a d20 roll, and again for your damage roll, and make sure to send the result to my email (sully33 at gmail dawt com). We will also be using the Secure Dice Roller for character generation. I may ask you to make a roll after you describe other actions; if this is the case, I will always make sure to include what type of die to roll and how many. 
  • Players who fail to post in a timely way without giving fair notice of their absence will have their dungeoneers killed off in gruesome and very unfair ways. I might give you a warning beforehand, if I'm feeling nice.
Questions? Email me (sully33 at gmail dawt com).