Bramble Butterfoot, Halfling Ranger Level 1

Bramble Butterfoot, Halfling Ranger Level 1
Hit Points: 18/18 Body Points: 20/20 Experience Points: 5 Experience Base: 28
Stats STR 10; DEX 15(+2); MIND 13(+1); CHA 10
Saves FORT +3; REFLEX +5; WILL+3 PRESENCE +2 (+4 to save vs magical effects)
Armor Class 15; Shortbow +6 to hit, 1d6+3; Dagger +2 to hit, 1d4+1
Rangers are expert at wilderness tracking and survival and good at moving quietly and hiding in cover in the wilderness.
Current Money: 2gp

Calix, Human Cleric Level 1

Calix, Human Cleric Level 1
Alignment: Neutral Scoundrel Hit Points: 16/16 Body Points: 20/20 Experience Points: 5 Experience Base: 20
Stats STR 10; DEX 18 (+3); MIND 17 (+2); CHA 16 (+2)
Saves FORT +3; REFLEX +5; WILL +5; PRESENCE +4
Armor Class 16; Light Mace +1 to hit 1d6 dmg
Can cast divine spells and have the Turn Undead and
Smite special Abilities.
Current Money: 5 gp

Sarhan Soth, Gnome Thief Level 1

Sarhan Soth, Gnome Thief Level 1
Alignment: Neutral Trickster Hit Points: 16/16 Body Points: 20/20 Experience Points: 5 Experience Base: 24
Stats STR 10; DEX 14 (+1); MIND 11; CHA 9
Saves FORT +3 REFLEX +6 WILL +3 PRESENCE +3; +4 to save vs poison
Armor Class 13; Dagger +1 to hit, 1d4+1
They have the Sneak Attack special ability, which adds the Thief's class level to the damage of his first attack, if he successfully sneaks up on a foe. Thieves are experts at urban
survival as well as picking pockets, hiding, sneaking, and other
tasks associated with theft.
Current Money: 5gp

Rathman, Elf Magic-User Level 1

Rathman, Elf Magic-User Level 1
Hit Points: 22/22 Body Points: 20/20 Experience Points: 5 Experience Base: 37
Stats: STR 16 (+2); DEX 8; MIND 16 (+2); CHA 8
Saves: FORT +3; REFLEX +1; WILL +5; PRESENCE +1
Armor Class 10; Dagger +3 to hit, 1d4+2 dmg
Spellbook: Read Magic, Sleep, Feather Fall, Hold Portal, Identify.
Current Money: 5gp

Gault, Human Fighter 1

Gault, Human Fighter Level 1

Alignment: Guardedly Neutral. Hit Points: 24/24 Body Points: 20/20 Experience Points: 5 Experience Base: 20
Stats: STR 16 (+2); DEX 13 (+1); MIND 11; CHA 13 (+1)

Saves: FORT +8; REFLEX +5 WILL +4; PRESENCE +5

Armor Class 15 (heavy shield, leather armor, dex bonus); Throwing Axe +3 to hit, 1d6+1 dmg; Spear +4 to hit, 1d6+3 dmg

Current Money: 5gp

Monday, November 28, 2011

Goblin Attack Round 4

Calix swings his mace at the worg and strikes it firmly on the flank. 

Gault's attack on the goblin runs the little green beast through, and pins it to the ground next to the other one. 

Just as the snarling, angry worg can leap upon Calix, it is felled with an arrow through its skull from above! Bramble has scored a Critical Hit and slain the monster! 

The other, riderless worg has charged across the bridge and will be upon Calix and Gault next round. 

Rathman fires off another rocket, which explodes over the heads of goblin and worg alike on the other side of the river, and this blast causes the worgs to flee into the forest, and their goblin riders to run after them as well. Rathman then notices the four goblins running up the stairs and pointing in his direction... 

Sarhan has reached the top of the cliff, and is now within shouting distance of Rathman. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Goblin Attack! Round 3

OOC: thanks for the heads-up Jake. I imagine it will be a bit difficult for everyone to post in a timely manner during the chaos of the holiday season. We will soldier on, patiently ;)

The bridge is quite stationary, and does not raise up. On the western bank is a guardhouse with a portcullis that is, at the moment, wide open. 

@ Sarhan: You can see the steely resolve in Myra's eyes, and the concern for your safety, but she does as you direct. You head off for the switchback; the goblins are headed up the other path, towards the staircase that is carved into the side of the cliff. You will most certainly require a couple of rounds to arrive at the top of the cliff. 

@ Gault: Your spear pierces straight through the attacking goblin's chest, and as you rip it out of the beast it collapses to the ground. The other goblin attacks you just before you can turn on it, but it misses wildly (granting you +2 to your next attack against it!)

@ Calix: the worg-riding goblin bears down on you! You strike its flank as it rushes past you, shaking it enough that it comes to a halt and turns on you! The goblin raises a crude spear over its head and throws it at you! Fortunately, it is a wobbly throw, and falls harmlessly on the ground a few feet away from you. The worg growls and prepares to pounce...

@ Bramble: You manage to line up a shot as the worg stops and turns on Calix. You release just as the goblin tosses a spear at the mace-wielding cleric, and your arrow flies true, knocking the goblin clear off the worg and into the dirt, quite dead with an arrow through its neck. 

@ Rathman: The next firewerk you shoot off also explodes in the same general area as the previous one, making it difficult for the goblins there to get a handle on their worg mounts. The one in front, however, without a rider, gets spooked enough to run straight for the bridge and into town!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Goblin Attack (cont)

OOC: If you would prefer I make the rolls for you for whatever reason, it is not a problem at all. Bramble, I will go ahead and roll for you from now on. In the interest of speeding up game play, I will go ahead and have the rpglibrary roll for your actions if you haven't already, and email the result to you. 

Also, apologies for the delay in posting this. Overtime at work has been kicking my butt, and home life is just getting more and more busy it seems. Also, I thought I posted this as a comment on the previous post, but it appears blogger ate it or something. I will be much more prompt in my replies (and double checking them!) in the future! Anyways, back to the game. 

@ Bramble: as the four goblins cross the threshold, you let fly an arrow and it hits true, dropping the one in front. The goblin running behind it trips over the crumpling body, and the two other goblins run towards Gault and Calix as you prepare another arrow to fire. 

@ Calix and Gault: the goblins are upon you! Calix takes a swing with his mace and strikes true, felling the foul green beast with a single blow. Gault's spear misses the mark, and the goblins strike as they run into you! One of them attempts to stab Gault with a nasty-looking serrated knife, but misses. The other one attempts to tackle Calix, but Calix narrowly dodges the attack. 

Calix and Gault can hear booted footsteps coming up behind them, reinforcements in the form of Fallcrest Guards. Good thing, too, as the first worg-riding goblin is charging full-bore across the bridge, and tramples over the two goblins in a heap at the bridge entryway. 

@ Tenkar: you grab, light, and set off one of the bigger, noisier fireworks from the cart, and it whistles off above lower Fallcrest, across the river, and explodes right in front of the three worg-riding goblins charging the bridge! The worg in front crashes to the ground, rolling head over feet and crushing its rider, while the other two toss their riders and run away from the blast! 

Also, Tenkar, from your vantage point on the cliff, you can see that there are two large monstrous humanoids, possibly ogres or hill giants, that are throwing goblins across the river and into town! In fact, two more go flying across the river right now, and land with a squeal and a crash near the docks and are running towards the chaos on the Market Green!

@ Sarhan: You hear the hiss and whistle above your head, and so does the goblin. You see it point at it and scream out in goblin: "Firebombz! Gets 'em!" as he grabs the other goblin and they run towards the cliffs. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Goblin Attack!

OOC: Congrats Tenkar on tying the knot!

Also, apologies for taking my time getting this one up, but overtime has been kicking my butt. Anyways, back to the game.

@Bramble and Rathman: from your vantage points atop the cliffs overlooking Lower Fallcrest, you can see quite clearly that a few of the farmhouses on the other side of the river have been set ablaze! You can barely make out several green-skinned little bastards running around the area, wreaking havok in general. There are three quite large, lumbering hulks with them, making their way towards the river. You also spy half a dozen large wolves with goblin riders racing along the path, heading north. Behind you, you hear a horn call from the Five-Arch Bridge (number 3 on the map), which is the only way into town from the other side of the River Nen.

@Gault: the northern gate has been shut and secured. You hear a horn call from the Five-Arch Bridge, and a moment later sounds of combat erupt from that area!

@Calix: Father Quinlaven rushes towards the temple grounds, ushering nervous townfolk along with him to the relative safety of the temple. You also hear the horn call from the bridge, and can see combat between guards and goblins breaking out on the bridge!

@Sarhan: the Market Square has erupted in commotion. You also hear the horn from the bridge, but it is distant and almost lost in the sound of the waterfall. You can see black smoke rising across the river. Your wife manages to keep your family all together, for now. Your house and shop is in Upper Fallcrest, near number 19 on the map.