Bramble Butterfoot, Halfling Ranger Level 1

Bramble Butterfoot, Halfling Ranger Level 1
Hit Points: 18/18 Body Points: 20/20 Experience Points: 5 Experience Base: 28
Stats STR 10; DEX 15(+2); MIND 13(+1); CHA 10
Saves FORT +3; REFLEX +5; WILL+3 PRESENCE +2 (+4 to save vs magical effects)
Armor Class 15; Shortbow +6 to hit, 1d6+3; Dagger +2 to hit, 1d4+1
Rangers are expert at wilderness tracking and survival and good at moving quietly and hiding in cover in the wilderness.
Current Money: 2gp

Calix, Human Cleric Level 1

Calix, Human Cleric Level 1
Alignment: Neutral Scoundrel Hit Points: 16/16 Body Points: 20/20 Experience Points: 5 Experience Base: 20
Stats STR 10; DEX 18 (+3); MIND 17 (+2); CHA 16 (+2)
Saves FORT +3; REFLEX +5; WILL +5; PRESENCE +4
Armor Class 16; Light Mace +1 to hit 1d6 dmg
Can cast divine spells and have the Turn Undead and
Smite special Abilities.
Current Money: 5 gp

Sarhan Soth, Gnome Thief Level 1

Sarhan Soth, Gnome Thief Level 1
Alignment: Neutral Trickster Hit Points: 16/16 Body Points: 20/20 Experience Points: 5 Experience Base: 24
Stats STR 10; DEX 14 (+1); MIND 11; CHA 9
Saves FORT +3 REFLEX +6 WILL +3 PRESENCE +3; +4 to save vs poison
Armor Class 13; Dagger +1 to hit, 1d4+1
They have the Sneak Attack special ability, which adds the Thief's class level to the damage of his first attack, if he successfully sneaks up on a foe. Thieves are experts at urban
survival as well as picking pockets, hiding, sneaking, and other
tasks associated with theft.
Current Money: 5gp

Rathman, Elf Magic-User Level 1

Rathman, Elf Magic-User Level 1
Hit Points: 22/22 Body Points: 20/20 Experience Points: 5 Experience Base: 37
Stats: STR 16 (+2); DEX 8; MIND 16 (+2); CHA 8
Saves: FORT +3; REFLEX +1; WILL +5; PRESENCE +1
Armor Class 10; Dagger +3 to hit, 1d4+2 dmg
Spellbook: Read Magic, Sleep, Feather Fall, Hold Portal, Identify.
Current Money: 5gp

Gault, Human Fighter 1

Gault, Human Fighter Level 1

Alignment: Guardedly Neutral. Hit Points: 24/24 Body Points: 20/20 Experience Points: 5 Experience Base: 20
Stats: STR 16 (+2); DEX 13 (+1); MIND 11; CHA 13 (+1)

Saves: FORT +8; REFLEX +5 WILL +4; PRESENCE +5

Armor Class 15 (heavy shield, leather armor, dex bonus); Throwing Axe +3 to hit, 1d6+1 dmg; Spear +4 to hit, 1d6+3 dmg

Current Money: 5gp

Friday, December 2, 2011


Bramble fires at the worg as it crosses the threshold into town. The arrow shatters against the stone archway to the bridge. 

Calix and Gault charge for the worg, and meet it headlong in the open area where the bridge empties into Upper Fallcrest. They meet the beast headlong, attacking it! Gault's spear attack misses, but Calix's mace strikes, and the worg reels from the blow. 

The reinforcements behind them come up, sensing the worg's weakness, and two spears pierce the beast, slaying it. 

Rathman is quite prepared for the charging goblins, and sets off the werks at just the right moment to catch them all in the blasts! A series of bangs and pops go off, followed by a very large BOOM that leaves the goblins scattered, blackened, and lying flat-out on the ground! That blast also knocks Rathman and Sarhan down. 

Guess there was one of those bigger werks mixed in...

Across the river, the larger humanoids are retreating into the forest. All the monsters in town have been slain! The gates are shut and sealed, and the town secure. 


  1. Bramble shimmied down from his vantage point when he detected no further threats coming from the bridge.

    He set about the unpleasant task of searching the dead and recovering the arrows he could. He did not enjoy it, but his clan, if nothing, was thorough.

    "Waste not..." he chimed to the others.

    Anything he found he placed on his person, before proceeding to move near Gault, "Bet you wish you would have had that drink now." he said admiring the gore that was upon the guard.

    Turning his attention to the other, that fought by his side, he continued, "Brambles the name, and you are?" he asked extending his small hand.

  2. Callix had cleaned the head of his mace on the deceased goblins ratty clothing, a task he found repulsive on a number of levels, but practical on so many more.

    When the halfling approached, he nodded in greeting and shook the little man's hand. "I am called Calix by my friends, and you may certainly count me among those, good sir! I can't recall the last time I'd seen such remarkable accuracy." He gazed sadly upon the dead strewn across the bridge. "Deadly accuracy," he amended.

    And to Gault, he commented, "I doubt you will recall my face, but I was among the crowd at the tavern fight by the river last month when the guard was called to break things up. You handled yourself well then, better now." He tried an uneasy smile, feeling ill from the fight.

    "So...what now? I admit I've never been in a real life-or-death fight before. Is there any chance that after one has nearly been killed, he is afforded a drink? Or two?"

  3. Sarhan sits up with a large black streak smeared across his face. The world seems very quiet at first. Then he realizes that it has been replaced by a faint ringing in his ears.

    When he scratches his head, a few singed hairs come off in his hand. At least his hearing is starting to return.

    Coughing, he retrieves his dagger a few feet away in the short grass and checks to make sure the goblins are dead before checking on the elf.

  4. "Well met!" came Brambles reply to Calix's salutation, "And thank you. You also held your own splendidly, I must say."

    Bramble caught the fight comment made about Gault, "A scrapper then... Hmmm" He brought his hand to his chin in silent contemplation as he appeared to mull something over in his head...

    Then, almost as if coming back to his senses, "Yes, yes. A drink? On me!"

    'Just where I am going to get the crown to pay for it is another matter...' he thought as he deftly checked the miniscule funds he had in his small coin purse.

  5. Gault bows to both "It is a pleasure to meet you both in the defense of our city"

    "a drink would be welcome but I should join my fellow guardsmen in disposing of this rot." Gault indicates the goblin corpses.

    "Perhaps I can join you later; maybe the Taphouse? Mention to the master that Gault will be along."

  6. After making sure that Sarhan is OK, and checking for his own injuries, Rath makes haste to check up on his "helpers" (he'll head toward their homes) after which he'll check on his master. Once all are accounted for he'll head toward the tavern, on the assumption that that is where most of the townsfolk will be heading for news and updates of the just defeated assault.

  7. Callix nods to Gault. "The Taphouse it is. We shall save a seat for you, and a share of the ale!"

    Trying to calm the shaking in his hands, Callix turns to Bramble. "As I see we are no longer needed, let us make off to the Taphouse." A sudden thought occurs to him. "Ah, but I fear I shall have to make a detour. I must inform Father Quinlaven that I am well and safe."

    Then, if Bramble is willing to hold, Callix will lead the way to the Taphouse, pausing at the temple to tell Father Quinlaven that the attack seems to have abated.