Bramble Butterfoot, Halfling Ranger Level 1

Bramble Butterfoot, Halfling Ranger Level 1
Hit Points: 18/18 Body Points: 20/20 Experience Points: 5 Experience Base: 28
Stats STR 10; DEX 15(+2); MIND 13(+1); CHA 10
Saves FORT +3; REFLEX +5; WILL+3 PRESENCE +2 (+4 to save vs magical effects)
Armor Class 15; Shortbow +6 to hit, 1d6+3; Dagger +2 to hit, 1d4+1
Rangers are expert at wilderness tracking and survival and good at moving quietly and hiding in cover in the wilderness.
Current Money: 2gp

Calix, Human Cleric Level 1

Calix, Human Cleric Level 1
Alignment: Neutral Scoundrel Hit Points: 16/16 Body Points: 20/20 Experience Points: 5 Experience Base: 20
Stats STR 10; DEX 18 (+3); MIND 17 (+2); CHA 16 (+2)
Saves FORT +3; REFLEX +5; WILL +5; PRESENCE +4
Armor Class 16; Light Mace +1 to hit 1d6 dmg
Can cast divine spells and have the Turn Undead and
Smite special Abilities.
Current Money: 5 gp

Sarhan Soth, Gnome Thief Level 1

Sarhan Soth, Gnome Thief Level 1
Alignment: Neutral Trickster Hit Points: 16/16 Body Points: 20/20 Experience Points: 5 Experience Base: 24
Stats STR 10; DEX 14 (+1); MIND 11; CHA 9
Saves FORT +3 REFLEX +6 WILL +3 PRESENCE +3; +4 to save vs poison
Armor Class 13; Dagger +1 to hit, 1d4+1
They have the Sneak Attack special ability, which adds the Thief's class level to the damage of his first attack, if he successfully sneaks up on a foe. Thieves are experts at urban
survival as well as picking pockets, hiding, sneaking, and other
tasks associated with theft.
Current Money: 5gp

Rathman, Elf Magic-User Level 1

Rathman, Elf Magic-User Level 1
Hit Points: 22/22 Body Points: 20/20 Experience Points: 5 Experience Base: 37
Stats: STR 16 (+2); DEX 8; MIND 16 (+2); CHA 8
Saves: FORT +3; REFLEX +1; WILL +5; PRESENCE +1
Armor Class 10; Dagger +3 to hit, 1d4+2 dmg
Spellbook: Read Magic, Sleep, Feather Fall, Hold Portal, Identify.
Current Money: 5gp

Gault, Human Fighter 1

Gault, Human Fighter Level 1

Alignment: Guardedly Neutral. Hit Points: 24/24 Body Points: 20/20 Experience Points: 5 Experience Base: 20
Stats: STR 16 (+2); DEX 13 (+1); MIND 11; CHA 13 (+1)

Saves: FORT +8; REFLEX +5 WILL +4; PRESENCE +5

Armor Class 15 (heavy shield, leather armor, dex bonus); Throwing Axe +3 to hit, 1d6+1 dmg; Spear +4 to hit, 1d6+3 dmg

Current Money: 5gp

Monday, January 2, 2012

OOC: Combat Mapping Question

This post is OOC and is for discussion of a combat mapping question I have for you all.

During our first combat session, there was a fair bit of confusion over locations of certain monsters and heroes in relation to each other. So, I have a couple of possible remedies to the situation.

First is to use actual miniatures along with a battle mat and/or D&D Dungeon Tiles. I don't have a lot in the way of terrain/scenery but I have enough to make it work. I would simply take pictures and post them to the blog. I have miniatures for each of your characters and more than enough monsters.

The second option is to use my Battle Mat iPhone App to build maps and post images from the app to the blog. This may be a bit more precise for our purposes, but the app has a limited number of actual images for use as characters and monsters.

Thoughts, anyone? I'm leaning towards pictures of actual minis on a tabletop, personally.


  1. FWIW - I am heading out of town tomorrow for business. Don't know what my posting schedule will be like.

    Now on the mapping. I would love to see some form of mapping for sure. I just don't know how well photos will work. It would be, it would seem to me, hard to describe how/where we would want to move.

    I will give anything a try, but a simple hex/graph MS Paint doodle would work just as well. If it would help, I could throw an example together.


  2. This might work for you: There's one there that can fit onto forums; might works for a blog too.

  3. @ the Bane: thanks for the heads-up.

    @ Simon: I'll definitely give that program a shot and see how it looks. My home computer is slow, which may limit its usability for our purposes here, but I appreciate the tip!

  4. Of all the online mapping I've done, whatever is easiest for the GM/DM is the best IMHO, because it will take more of your time than our time. My only suggestion would be to include some sort of A to Z, 1 to 10 grid like a chessboard so individual squares can be called out.

    That said, I use Ditzie in my own game, , because my players can move pieces, update the map, and generate a new hyperlink. The documentation is sparse, but I don't find it too difficult. Here's an example from our last battle:

    That requires a lot of image work on the front end, but then requires nearly zero work for the rest of the fight.

  5. I don't actually mind photos. It'd be different, for sure, though it might pose a few problems as Bane pointed out. Still, it'd be better than nothing.

    I was thinking about using Maptool, , for my own game, as it has a ton of tokens and other goodies, but I just checked out that link from Simon and I've got to say, I think I like it a lot, though it's a bit of work.

    But like Jake said, whatever will prove to be easiest for you will be best for us. A happy GM makes for happy players.

  6. Thanks for all the great advice guys. I think I will probably experiment over the next few combat sessions with different methods before settling on one.

  7. I think I would appreciate the photos the most, but I'll throw in with Jake and say that whatever is easiest for you is the best option.

  8. whatever works best for the GM. so, yeah, add my vote to Jake's and the Jesters